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About Shefalee

Is a journalist, cultural commentator and editor-in-chief of The Voice of Fashion, a digital magazine on fashion, culture and design. Author of Powder Room: The Untold Story of Indian Fashion, Shefalee worked at India Today, The Indian Express, and Mint Lounge, in senior editorial roles. The first editor of Marie Claire India, she is now a trained narrative therapist.
Shefalee Vasudev

Shefalee’s journalistic career started with her writing for Gujarat edition of The Times of India’s amateur page when she was in high school. She would later win trophies at The Times of India Public Speaking Prize (Gujarat state) during all her three years as an undergraduate college student, which firmed her childhood resolve to pursue journalism. A stint with the Sunday desk of The Navhind Times in Goa was her first full time journalistic job followed by another brief stint in the mid-Nineties at The Asian Age in Delhi. She then joined the launch team of the Indian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine published by the India Today Group.

Shefalee would go on to work as assistant editor with India Today, the flagship newsmagazine of the group where she wrote on gender, society and contributed to investigative features reporting. It was after her extensive stint at India Today, which included a number of impactful cover stories and long form features on culture, health and urban sexuality issues that Shefalee became the first editor of Marie Claire India launched by the Outlook Group in 2006.

After five years at Marie Claire, she quit her job to write her first book Powder Room: The Untold Story of Indian Fashion, published by Random House in 2012.

The non-fiction book used an intimate, journalistic reportage style to narrate uncomfortable realities and unspoken dilemmas of the Indian fashion industry, it’s dark and light spots, the people, their politics. As well as the unique potential and design vocabulary of Indian designers in a growing globalized landscape. Powder Room, the first such book that delved into fashion’s “other side” was widely reviewed by major Indian publications.

What followed for Shefalee were senior media roles as Associate Editor with The Indian Express and then as Style and Fashion Editor with Mint Lounge.

At The Voice of Fashion, Shefalee steers content that offers bridges between rural and urban design minds and explorations, connecting India’s village-based crafts economy with cultural ideas of cities. Finding links between orally passed weaving traditions and the work of mainstream fashion designers. She writes on the intersections fashion makes with society, urban living and other aspects of culture. India’s crafts, textiles and artisanal traditions, dress and identity issues inform Shefalee’s work.

She is a recognized public speaker and frequently moderates panel discussions and conversations at top events on the challenges of sustainability and the dynamics of India’s crafts and cultural industries.

Shefalee was born and raised in Adipur, a small town in the Kutch district of Gujarat to writer parents. Both her parents, the late Indra and Harish Vaswani were honoured with Sahitya Akademi Awards for Sindhi literature. She currently lives in Noida in the National Capital Region of Delhi with her husband Sanjay Nigam. Her only son Eklavya Vasudev is a lawyer and legal activist who is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Erlangen, Germany.