Lounge Review: Dior Spring/Summer 2017


Lounge Review: Dior Spring/Summer 2017

Creative volatility on the one hand (due to changing creative directors, each with a story worth tracking) and a legacy built on some of the most imaginative couture of the last century on the other, are only two of the many reasons why Dior remains one of the most watched luxury brands. When Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s current creative director and the first woman to hold this enviable yet pressure-yoked post, took over some months back, having moved from Valentino, it was but natural that cautious curiosity should surround her arrival.

Her very first collection, Dior’s offering for Spring/Summer 2017 that walked in Paris earlier this week, saw her peeling off the layers of the past (of the brand particularly) to usher in fashion that can be imagined and worn as stylish daywear instead of at the breathtakingly beautiful events that Dior dressing is famed for. We loved her white quilted zipper jacket—especially when paired with black pointy shoes—though not the bar jacket with pockets.

However, the overall sense of ease, of sportiness, of the colour white presented as down to earth instead of ethereal, was nice. She was mirroring a global trend but in a way that took ownership of it. That’s why a white T-shirt with the message, “We should all be feminists”, sent out with a midnight-blue sheer skirt, wasn’t required—most of the daywear had in any case nudged feminine strength without screeching viewpoints. The evening wear is where Chiuri didn’t impress so much. Her dresses and gowns were neither “ethereally” uplifting nor casually exceptional.